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If you are visiting Tucson, Arizona anytime soon and are interested in spending some fun time in the wild desert, why not go on an ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) tour and make it a memorable experience for you and your companions? Tucson is a really beautiful place, but most of its best sites and scenery cannot be toured by car or bus. That is why if you and your family or friends are planning on visiting this area, you may want to consider going on an ATV tour or even renting an ATV.

About Our Tucson Tours

At Tucson ATV Tours, we find the history and tales of the desert people, or as they are locally called ‘Tohono O’odham’, quite enlightening and fascinating to say the least. Our guided ATV tours of the area all about bringing their rich history back to life. We help our customers to engage with numerous local native artifacts that have great significance to the broader history of Arizona. Currently, there are over 28,000 tribal members who reside in the Tohono O’odham reservation. Our guided ATV tours give people an opportunity to experience firsthand how these tribal members lived and interacted.

Take time from your busy schedule to go on a tour with AZ ATV Adventures and let us take you on a journey of the long and captivating history of Tucson, Arizona. We promise that you won’t be disappointed! We offer tours in two main areas that are ATV-accessible and popular with visitors and locals alike.

The Butte at Cocoraque Ranch

The Butte at Cocoraque ranch is full of beautiful desert scenery and a bit of mystery to spice things up. When you visit this site, you get the chance to see and roam the Arizona desert as a warm, and fresh breeze blows over you. We have a longstanding partnership with the ranch that allows us to offer numerous services and arrange all manner of activities and events at the ranch. At the Butte at Cocoraque Ranch, you can expect to see unique ancient markings and petroglyphs made by the native tribespeople who lived there many centuries ago. The most famous of the ancient symbols found at the ranch is the ‘Man in the Maze pattern’ made by Hokokam (Huhugam) who are descendants of the Tohono O’odham.

A tour of this ranch is definitely a fun and exhilarating experience that you will never forget.

You Drive. We Guide!

You heard that right – we let our customers explore the desert terrain to get the best views of the Arizona desert. The real excitement of the tour comes from being able to transverse parts of the desert that you would normally not be able to get to. You get to drive as we guide you to the best spots in the desert. You get to romp, zoom and zip through desert trails in the middle of the wilderness and also stop to view local native artifacts and historical landmarks.

Our vehicles are simply the best. We have a wide range of UTVs and quad bikes that can be driven by both beginners and pros. All our automobiles are well-maintained and regularly serviced for the best customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need a license to go on an ATV tour?

We often get questions regarding license requirements for our ATV tours. We can tell you that you do not need a license to go on a tour.

What are our tour rates?

ATV tours and rentals and fairly affordable contrary to people’s beliefs. Tours are normally charged on a per person basis. Customers can always choose a timeframe that suits them. Click book now to find rates and availability. For groups larger than 12 or with special requests please call or email us!

The Butte at Cocoraque Ranch Guided UTV Tour

At AZ ATV Adventures, We Show Up To Play! Our outdoor tours are meant to be fun, exhilarating and informative. For our Tucson ATV Tours, we focus specifically on the rich history of the native Tohono O’odham tribe and take you to explore the beauty and mystery of The Butte at Cocoraque Ranch.

Customers not only get a chance to roam the Arizona desert, but they also get to see unique ancient petroglyphs and markings, like the Man in the Maze pattern, made by the Huhugam (or Hohokam) who share deep ancestral roots with the Tohono O’odham.

About Our Tucson ATV Tours

We find the tales and history of the Tohono O’odham (meaning “desert people”) wildly fascinating and enlightening, and as such our guided UTV tours in Tucson are centered around bringing that history to life and engaging you with some of the many origins of what we now call Arizona. Since there are over 28,000 tribal members living on the Tohono O’odham reservation today, our guides have had the opportunity to learn a world of knowledge about the natives and how they are connected all across Arizona.

Take your tour with AZ ATV Adventures and allow us immerse you in the amazing history that Tucson and Arizona have to offer!

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About The Butte at Cocoraque Ranch

The Arizona Desert is home to a number of Native American tribes and reservations, and Tucson in particular is home to much of the storied landscape of the Tohono O’odham tribe. Within that landscape lies the awe-inspiring Butte (or ‘Shontok’, in the native language) at Cocoraque Ranch.

During the ancient times of the Huhugam (or Hohokam, to the archaeologists), hundreds of petroglyphs and markings were made on the rocks and boulders of The Butte. These unique petroglyphs include geometric and reticulate designs, as well as early styles of more well-known patterns like the ‘Man in the Maze’ design, which holds deep roots with the Tohono O’odhams. The glyphs at The Butte connect the local tribes with their ancient Hohokam ancestors and offer a unique experience to learn about the origins of the Tohono O’odham.

Our outdoor ATV tours provide the perfect way to allow visitors to explore these ancient artifacts and take in the local landscapes while also enjoying the fun of cruising in Polaris RZR UTVs!

You Drive. We Guide!

Much of the excitement of taking an ATV tour in Tucson is being able to traverse the desert terrain and feel the breeze on a warm day!

That’s why at AZ ATV Adventures we allow you to do the driving, while we do the guiding. Zip, zoom and romp through desert trails as we show you up to The Butte at Cocoraque Ranch and give you an in-depth guided tour of the local native history and artifacts.

Our vehicles are always reliable and safe; we only use Polaris RZR UTVs that are well-maintained and consistently updated.

I just wanted to shout out to you a HUGE Thank You, for such an AWESOME afternoon at the Cocoraque Ranch. I was sooooo blown away by the fabulous fun activities you all have out there. My first time on a ATV and knowing I was with the experts I felt safe and well guided. Plus the “icing on the cake” was when you shared those awesome sacred treasures that are on The Butte, I’m still feeling the powerfulness and the feeling of spiritual beauty from all those Petroglyphs. I look forward to bringing Ronald Geronimo with me next time and have him see this extraordinary site.

Aida – Concierge AND now also Your Friend!!

Cocoraque Ranch Partnership

Looking to get the full feel of the Cocoraque Ranch?

Are you a Destination Management Company (DMC)?

AZ ATV Adventures is also partnered with the Cocoraque Ranch, which means we can help arrange a number of activities at the ranch!
Details on each are included below.

Trail Rides

Take a wonderful and scenic horseback ride across the historic Cocoraque Ranch which has a been a cattle ranch since the late 1800s!

Find out more about Cocoraque Ranch Trail Rides

Jeep Tours

Don’t fancy a horseback adventure? We’ve got you covered. Cocoraque Ranch also offers tours for those looking to sit back and enjoy the ride while they view the lovely desert vistas, hills and buttes surrounding the ranch area!

Find out more about Cocoraque Ranch Jeep Tours


Getting hitched or planning a wedding? The ranch is an absolutely breath-taking and peaceful venue for you or your family members’ special day. Ride to the altar on horseback, usher in the bridesmaids with horse and carriage; Cocoraque is the perfect way to add some Western flare to your event!

Find out more about Cocoraque Ranch Weddings

Parties & Reunions

Trying to book a birthday party or family reunion at the ranch? We can help!

Give us a call, or visit the Cocoraque Ranch website to inquire further about arranging a get-together.

Call us at (602) 510-5206 for Cocoraque Ranch tours and reservations today!